Revival Sermons

The book was updated Sept 2008 and has fifty sermons and a CD. This is a book of sermons that will put fire in your preaching, living and dedication to our wonderful Saviour.  I want you to have this book.  I do not like to ask for money but a love offering of at least $30.00 or more if God lays it on your heart will really help in being able to hold revival meetings in churches across America. Many small churches are not able to bear the expenses of bringing an evangelist to preach to their people. You can be a great help in making this possible. I also want to send you a CD or Tape of one of my Revival sermons.  Brother Johnny Campbell

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go further to support the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through any available vehicle, be it through books, tapes, personal appearances, and the World Wide Web.  Sorry, because of the cost of printing this book and shipping cost we will have to wait for the offering to come before we can ship it.

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You don't want to miss this book. I have included sermons that have been used of God to change lives, revive the hearts of His people, and bring new dedication and joy to hundreds of Christians. I believe that the Holy Spirit can bring that same work in the hearts of the reader of these sermons.

Click below to read many of the sermons God has given me to encourage and help churches across America.

Brother Johnny Campbell