How to be a Hero

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God's Lawnmower

God On The Caller I.D.


Remind Me Lord

A Nail In The House Of God



Making Stars Out Of Saints


Peter Rabbit

Milk Cow Religion

The World's Meanest Mama

Dove Wings

Let's Run That Man Out Of Town

Bound To The Altar

Praise God I'm Loved Like The Others

The Shoe Rack


Got What You Wanted But
Lost What You Had

There Had Better Be Change

Huzz Buzz

How To Die Satisfied

That's Him

The Innoculator

Who Then Can Be Saved?

The Unexpected Cross

 Johnny's Testimony

I Voted For Jesus

What If Jesus Came To Your House?

The Grass Is Not Always Greener

Why I Want To Go Home

Satan's Trap

How To Draw Near To God


Knock 'em Out, Johnny!

Where Are The Nine?

Wounded in the House of a Friend!